Thursday, 28 November 2013

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. .

Well we finally had our first big snowfall, and with it came the Christmas spirit, for me anyway, and not soon enough, as I was having a hard time getting in the spirit this year.
The first snowfall is always so pretty, this church sits across the street from us.

The tree is up, we still have a gold and red theam, our last house was very french country, with alot of dark wood antiques ,rich brown leather, and red accents, so this colour combo was perfect.

Now that the tree is up I can sit back and enjoy.

A keepsake ornament Kailey and I made, her handprint as a snowman family, the date is on the back. We went with aqua because we are changing our tree colours next year, Kailey wants , aqua , pink and purple.

Have a great day... Elle

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

sweet shabby bicycle

I was lucky enough to come across this sweet vintage bike. I found it on a walk with my dog not long ago, it was perched up against a tree, absolutely free, and calling out to me.

The top photo is what the bike looked like when I found it, the second pic was my insperation. Below are my pictures of what I ended up with.

Lace streamers, my shabby fu fu throw, roses, and a vintage book fill the basket


One of my favourite scarfs

My vintage Longfellow poetry book,

A few other vintage books I picked up a old bookstore 
Funny time of year for a post on a bicycle, I know. It's funny the things you get to when you get a few cold day's projects that have been put off suddenly get done. Have a beautiful day .   Elle
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Monday, 21 October 2013

Fall Fashion Inspiration. ...

I have started to touch on my love for fall in my recent posts, truly my favorite season, the time of year I am most at peace with life, and the crazyness that usually surrounds me. I tend to embrace how lucky I am to live where I do, and really appreciate the beautie that surronds me every day.I love the season for the obvious reasons, the colors, the fun things you can do with fall decor, the baking, the turkey, the beautiful long fall walks, corn fields, hay rides, pumkins, the harvest, family and friends,the start of the hockey season, yes I'm a die hard Leaf fan, halloween, the fall fair that comes to my small town every year, and another love of mine that I haven't touched too much on since starting my blog 7 months ago FASHION, I love fashion, and I especially love fashion in the fall. So with autumn among us I thought I would celeabrate the season a little, by sharing some of the things that inspire me at this time of year. Fall Fashion is all about scarves, booties, chunky oversized sweaters, and leather, and big bags... love love love when fashion meets comfort, a rarity in a womans world.. here are some of my favorite looks, and some from my own closet.
 Fall is all about the chic leather jacket this season. (above)Jacket is from Areopostale.
 Hat is from Mark. Aviators are Jessica Simpson from Winners. Sued boots from Payless Shoe Source.

 you can't have enough scarves or chunky knits this fall.Hat and scarf set is from HM. Aves, Jessica Simpson-Winners.
Scarf, from Walmart. Top, Areopostale. Belt, Urban Planet.
Of course denim is a must have for any season , fall being no exception, this pair of jeans are from Old Navy (rock star)! Below are some of the looks I'm loving for fall!

Lovin the leather jakets(a girl can't have enough leather you know!)

This season it's all about chic comfort ,what's not to love!!!  Loving all the chunky kints from big cozy sarves, to the super cute leg warmers, and big winter socks, with super cool boots, I'm a sucker for boots ( I'm in big trouble)  with so many great styles to choose from.

LOVE THESE! NEED THESE BABIES! How I wish there was a boot fairy! 

Now you have seen what inspires me and how I implement into my own wardrobe. Here is a few more pics, from my own closet.

Sweater is from Max Studio. Scarf I don't remember (sorry) Jeans, Moto , from Jean Machine

Before we finish for today lets not forget the arm candy, love the rose gold, big big big for fall. And Is onmy wish list for christmas this year.
Any watch from Michale Kors will do, and some cute braclets, really loving the rose gold. But the watch below is pretty awesome too! Such a hard call , what's a girl to do.....

Till next time.........................ELLE.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Twine and Bookpage pumpkins

Hi guy's I hope my Canadian friends had a nice Thanksgiving. So here's the twine bookpage pumpkins that  I promised you. They are super easy to make. I started with a old book ,then ripped out a bunch of pages, then cut them into two different lengths to get different sized pumpkins, once the strips were finished I  took 5 at a time spread them out so they looked like a fan and glued them together at one end ,then the other, then I glued the two ends together creating a loop, I made 6 loops all together.

I thought I took a picture of the loops but I didn't (sorry) You just glue the two ends above together to create the loop. you make 6 all together! Once your done with the loops glue them together in the center forming your pumpkin. Now add your little branch pieces  for your stems. Tadaa!!! Little bookpage pumpkins...

Now for the twine pumpkins. You will need some twine , white glue, a bowl, two bottles of different sizes, some seran wrap, and little pieces of branches from your yard.

So first you fill your bowl with the glue, then cut yourself a piece of twine about 5 feet long, take your jars and cover them in seran wrap, now your ready to make your pumpkins. Take your piece of twine and completely soak it in the glue, now wrap it sround yor jar without overlapping it anywhere.

Once the twine is completely dry, begin unwrapping it slowly, it may loose it's shape a little that's ok because they are really stiff and pliable. Now that you have the twine unraveled it should look sorta like a slinky. Now take a fresh piece of twine and tie it in the center of slinky ring. Spead it out till it resembles the shape of a pumpkin. Add your branch steams,  I also added a little spiral sping for a vine accent, I just used a extra piece of the twine shaping it around my finger.
 And that's pretty much it, twine pumpkins done...

 I love how my table turned out for thanksgiving and fall , have fun making these fun little pumpkins.

                              Till next time .........             Stay chic Elle.
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