Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Summer Seaglass Mason Jar Lighting..

Hey! So you know when you have one of those days where everything bugs you, and you need a change, or you feel like you may jump out of your own skin. Today I had one of those days. I started a few project's, moved a few pieces of furniture around, but mainly just made a bigger mess of things.But I did get around to changing the lighting on the front and back porches, you all know my love for Mason Jar's , So this little project will not surprise many of you, and you probably have seen it around pinterest before, but I added my own little spin on this classic-( Seaglass mason jar lighting,) it's a really fun look for summer and perfect for me! because I've been using a lot of aqua in my summer decor this year.
 So this is what I started with, and I do like it but wanted something with a little more BLING for summer. I need to get one of those pretty vintage bulbs, dont worry! I'm on it...

 Then I thought, hey why not go with the seaglass mason jar you made a while back, so glad I did, it really pulled together the look for my back patio this year..
 But I did'n't stop there, I moved right on to the front porch adding a lace covered mason jar I made earlier in the spring, this switch was super easy to do. I just used the existing light fixtures on both porches. Just remove the little screw, switch out your jars, and secure your mason jar with the screw.
For the How to's on how I made the seaglass jar and the lace jar cheak out these links
 Lace covered mason jar
DIY SEAGLASS Tip......I did change up the seaglass a bit- by painting the inside of the jar instead of the outside- so it would hold up to the elements a little better
I'm really happy with my new lights, and just think of all the possibilities so exciting :))
Stay chic  Xo Elle
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Monday, 29 July 2013

A Little update....

Hey Ya'll , I realize I haven't posted in a awhile so I thought I'd  say a quick hello. Things have been a little crazy around here. The kids are off school for the summer, so a lot of my time has been spent keeping them busy, long days at the beach, drive in movie theaters and lots of playdates, and sleepovers...I also had no internet for a 2 weeks, and  am now sick with a summer cold that just keeps hanging on, but here's a few things we have been up to...
Lots of time being spent in the garden, it's doing fabulous this year, lots of beans right now, we have been eating so many we are tired of them, so now we are just picking them and blanching them to freeze for the winter? The cabbage is doing well too! We picked our first one the other day and made cabbage rolls.. so yummy:))



The pumpkins are doing amazing you can see the first pumpkins starting now....
One of the pumpkin patches

 This guy sits In the tomato patch! We are trying to think of a name! I think he needs a patch, and then we can call him One eyed Willie?

I have also started a project In the master bedroom! It will be finished sometime next week;) I hope...
I have also been doing a lot of relaxing with my kids and puppies and just trying to enjoy the summer with my family. I have my father and sister coming this weekend for a visit. And a big camping trip coming up with the kids. And another big surprise coming up at the end of this month....

 Also been hitting a lot of yardsales, this silver  tray was 50 cents, I love it on my front porch.
Hope you have a fabulous week, I'm going to go back to relaxing the front porch now;)  Till next time!
Xo Elle
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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

tic.tock. script and clocks.......

well I have  to admit that when I started this  little sharpie clock adventure, I was just planing to do a cute little vignette on my dinning room wall -of a few clocks with a little sentiment, that the hubby and I could smile about every time we sat down to dinner..well I finished the clock plates I love how they turned out and the little setiment..well if you look at the times on the clocks they mark the exact time that our three little ones arrived and our journey began as a family.So I'm very happy to have this little project done.. but in the process I got a little carried away with my marker.... but if you know me than you know that I love script and love to use it in my decor as much as possible, but I may need a sharpie intervention. ..

I love them there perfect... but I  didn't stop there...... oh no... not me....I kinda went sharpie crazy.

See what I mean... but I love it all, and I'm not gonna stop yet, oh no..... I have lots more to do till this lttle ladie is done with her marker, but hey! thats o.k. cause when I'm done my kitchen and dinning room will be fabulous. The best partnis you can switch things up when you get bored by using a majic earser it'll take the images right off, and you  can make it permanent too, just put your dishes in the oven @350 degrees for 30 mins and voila...... permanent
I made this one  after a fave movie" quote "Carrie Bradshaw to Mr. Big ....Ever thine, ever mine, ever ours... love love love! this by Voltare the poet.. Bye for now hugs ....Elle
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