Saturday, 25 May 2013

Little lovelies birthday bliss

Hi guys, hope your weekend is starting out nice, I had lovely Friday evening with my family It was my birthday this past Wednesday , but do to our hectic lives we did'nt celebrate till last nite. We had a wonderfull time it was a quiet nite with family, it was perfect...
 The kids made me a pile of pretty homemade cards
And I got these lovely new mercury glass candle holders in aqua, they are really pretty

 my hubby spoiled me with these fabulous new dishes perfect for summer evenings on the patio

 I got a little Photo happy taking pictures Of the dishes! I love them, they are so pretty
 Love these wine glasses they are hand made ,my hubby got them from  his hometown of London Ontario, I have four of the them, two yellow and two in a blue/grey color, I used to have a matching teapot in the yellow but The kids knocked it down and broke it :(
 look at the pretty flower design on these dishes, dont you think they are cute?

I also got some lovely plants to go in the urns on the front porch and a few flats of impaitants  that will be planted in the back and side flower beds. We had a lovely fire but sadly I forgot to take pictures. I had a lovely birthday and I'm so greatfull for the quality time with my family that was the greatest gift of all.
Have a lovely day , thanks for stoping bye.... Elle

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Lets take a walk....

Spring has finally sprung, in my little corner of the world. I have  been seeing beautiful photos of the season all over blogland for about 4 weeks now and have been so envious because here in Ontario, Canada we haven't really had spring till now ....... take a look at this, just 3 short weeks ago.

I know it's crazy .. so in light of the fact that we have finally caught up with the rest of you, I thought I would take you on a walk with me around my neighborhood. Lets  Start here at our little house, it sits across the way from this beautiful old church.

I love to sit on my porch at night and see all the stain glass windows lit up. The kids love to play a game of ball hockey in the parking lot. This past long weekend in Norwood- the little corner of the world I call home .the whole town has a yard sale.  I found this lovely chippy basket to hold my fresh picked lilacs, the first of the year.
I just love this basket, in all it's chippy glory...... off we go on the rest of our spring tour of my enchanted little town.
 starting with my own pretty white double Daffodils
 Mini pink Rose's Set a romantic mood on my patio table
 Purple lilacs abound, making the white ones extra special
Love Love Love these White bearded Iris' s

Pretty little blossoms welcome spring

one of my faves.. is the gerber daisy- available in so many colors, but this yellow is lovely
A pretty pond to stop and see little froggys basking in the warm sun
The ever beautiful and fragrent lily of the valley
What sping garden tour is complete without a peek at the popular and pretty lilac, casting it's welcome spell on the spring air.
 a little taste off the tropics, pretty pink hibiscus
 The sun peeking threw the infamous canadian maple.
 Another yardsale find this past weekend
 Not sure what this is called but it's so pretty, a bush full of mini little pink carnations it's really stunning this picture dose nothing for it
And last but not least another favorite of mine the pretty monds of phlox painting  the town in pink, purple, and blue. Hope you enjoyed our little journey today , have a beautiful day and enjoy all of natures little miracles, thanks for stoping  by xoxo Elle

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Pretty French farm table

Hi guys, hope everyone is having a fabulous long weekend.  Mine has been wonderful so far. I've finally met Christine and Rob a wonderful couple from smith falls Ontario, we have been Facebook friends for awhile so it was nice to finally meet in person.  We had a lovely time hanging around the campfire roasting marshmallows and drinking a great coffee. An all around fabulous evening a great way to start the weekend. Today I'll spend the day with my cousin who's visiting from Toronto she is absolutely my best friend, but since my move to the country 7 years ago and busy family life, our visits are a lot further apart than they use to be making them so precious when we find the time for each other. I have also been up to this fabulous farm table makeover.  It all started last winter when my patio table fell victim to a terrible windstorm, and the glass top was shattered.  I was going to go out and buy a new one untill I saw Courtney's post at French Country Cottage you can check it out html. It totally inspired me to fix my table myself it came out beautiful, and it cost no more than 40 dollars-gotta love that!. So the hubs and I got together and created this..............Here's how we did it.
 We started with  just a frame
 Then I ran out to the local lumber store and  got all the lumber we needed and had it cut.
 Then I pieced the table together Sort of like a puzzle
Then the hubby screwed it together for me
 We then placed it on top of the frame
 After I gave it a whitewash of course..
It turned out so pretty, I like it better than it was before

I'm absoluely in love with my new farm table, I think it sort of has a french vibe dont you ?Now I'm on to painting the frame and chairs I'm also looking for the perfect fabric to recover the chairs, but thats for another post.... Thanks for stopping buy..........................  have a fabulous rest of the weekend xoxo Elle..

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Monday, 13 May 2013

The small Things....

Just wanted to take a minute and share with you my sweet mother's day details. ?. My sweet little guys showed me once again that it's the small things in life that count. And really make life make sense in all the chaos that surrounds us every day.
 From Finn ..... who makes me smile every day and blows me away with his creativity.

From Mason... my loving angle who shows me every day how important it is to listen and care for others
From Kailey..... who shows me every day how important it is not to let people walk all over you who inspires me to be a little more sassy and a little less passive. I love you ALL with all my heart you make mommy proud every day Xo


Hi again all you beautiful blogland friends, it's time for the next mason jar madness post.. this weekscraft was super easy and really fun and I think my fave so far . These lovelies are so simply stunning I can't wait to hang them up all over the back 40 (that's my wooded area beyond my backyard) I'm in the middle of transforming into a romantic family getaway.
Here's what you'll need Spay glue adhesive I used Elmer,  mason jars, lace or eyelet fabric, twine , spray paint (optional) and ribbon
 First cut your fabric to fit your jars then Spray your jars with glue, then place pre-cut fabric on the jar and wrap jar completely

Meanwhile spray paint the lids of your jar (optional my lids were gold and I wanted a vintage metal look) I used a hammered silver paint.
Then take your twine and wrap around yor jar untill you reach desired thickness use yor glue to secure.
(photo by kaIiey Janes age 4)

add ribbon for detail (if you want) replace your lids and display, you can use these as latterns , candle holders and vase's they are so pretty and super easy to make.

Have a fab week.... xoxo Elle