Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Twine and Bookpage pumpkins

Hi guy's I hope my Canadian friends had a nice Thanksgiving. So here's the twine bookpage pumpkins that  I promised you. They are super easy to make. I started with a old book ,then ripped out a bunch of pages, then cut them into two different lengths to get different sized pumpkins, once the strips were finished I  took 5 at a time spread them out so they looked like a fan and glued them together at one end ,then the other, then I glued the two ends together creating a loop, I made 6 loops all together.

I thought I took a picture of the loops but I didn't (sorry) You just glue the two ends above together to create the loop. you make 6 all together! Once your done with the loops glue them together in the center forming your pumpkin. Now add your little branch pieces  for your stems. Tadaa!!! Little bookpage pumpkins...

Now for the twine pumpkins. You will need some twine , white glue, a bowl, two bottles of different sizes, some seran wrap, and little pieces of branches from your yard.

So first you fill your bowl with the glue, then cut yourself a piece of twine about 5 feet long, take your jars and cover them in seran wrap, now your ready to make your pumpkins. Take your piece of twine and completely soak it in the glue, now wrap it sround yor jar without overlapping it anywhere.

Once the twine is completely dry, begin unwrapping it slowly, it may loose it's shape a little that's ok because they are really stiff and pliable. Now that you have the twine unraveled it should look sorta like a slinky. Now take a fresh piece of twine and tie it in the center of slinky ring. Spead it out till it resembles the shape of a pumpkin. Add your branch steams,  I also added a little spiral sping for a vine accent, I just used a extra piece of the twine shaping it around my finger.
 And that's pretty much it, twine pumpkins done...

 I love how my table turned out for thanksgiving and fall , have fun making these fun little pumpkins.

                              Till next time .........             Stay chic Elle.
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  1. these are so darling, elle! (i love anything made from book pages:)

  2. Both pumpkin designs are cute! Thanks for sharing with this week's Throwback Thursday party.

  3. Super cute pumpkin ideas. Thanks for sharing at Throwback Thursday.