Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Diy Bookpage chandelier

Hi my chic n shabbie friends,
How I've missed you all. It's been awhile, summer break sure has kept me busy with the kiddies, but I did manage to squeeze in a little project the other day.I just love how it turned out, and was able to incorporate the kids on this one. Lately I have been really loving all the cool bookpage projects I've been seeing all over pinterest and blogland and have been wanting to jump in and try a bookpage project myself.  I picked up a patio chandelier thingy at a yardsale a few weeks back, and it needed a little something.Then on Sunday while watching Funnyface with Audrey Hepburn and  Fred Astaire, I had a brilliant idea. A BOOKPAGE CHANDY is just what the shabbie fairy ordered.So grab a cup of somthing yummy, and join me as I show you how I made this lovely chandelier.

Here's what I started with, a IKEA patio light.Just 6 dollars at a yardsale, but I think you can get one for around 15 dollars at the IKEA store.
The lights were aready stug around the ring.
Next I gathered my supplies, a old book, some twine, a stapler and some tape and of course my chandelier frame.
The frist thing I did was rip out my bookpage's and crumpled them up. The more crumpled the better.
 This is where the kids come in, as this is tedious work, it takes a whole 400 page novel.Fortunately for me my kids were more than happy to help me with this crumpling process. I dont know about your kid's, but mine are always game when they can wreck things and not get into trouble, so this was right up there  ally.
After were done crumpling the pages I folded them up like accordion.
 Then I slipped them threw the metal frame, you can secure them with staples or tape, but I figured out that this step was not needed in the end.
Feed the bookpages threw both the inside and the outside of your lighted ring.
I tied the twine on the ring in the 12, 3, 6, and 9  O, clock postions for hanging my chandy.
Then I tested the chandelier, just to be sure it was working fine before I hung it up.I decided to hang mine on the back deck under my gazebo.I also fluffed my pages up a little when I was finished feeding them threw the ring.

Once I had hung the chandelier up, I realized it needed a little bling, so I added some lace edging I had lying around.I love the way it sways in  the breeze and gives a more romantic vibe, dont you?

I love this new patio chandelier and know it will find many homes threw out  my chic little shack during the winter month's. Till we meet again.
And thanks for visiting, hugs Elle....
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  1. This is SO cute!!! I never thought of combining lights with book pages. I bet the glow is so pretty at night. Featuring you tomorrow at the Scoop party!


    1. Thanks, it was tons of fun to make, thanks for the feature, love your blog, I'm now following,hugs Elle@sweetpeaschicnshabbies

    2. My pleasure! A new party just started, feel free to link up whatever you like :)


  2. A fabulous lighting idea! So creative and beautiful, the lace streamers really make it romantic. We'd love to have you link to our party.
    New follower,

  3. Sooo . . . cute! I want one. Thank you so much for sharing the "how to". Pinned for future reference. Blessings, Patti

  4. Adorable idea...I love your little helpers.

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I love the look of this!