Saturday, 29 June 2013

my clock plate insperation

Hi ya'll, I have busy this weekend working on little project, I'm pretty excited about it as I've been wanting to get at this for awhile now. I love love love clocks vintage and , shabby, the bigger the better, so naturally I would like many clocks covering my walls, this thought inspired a clock plate project, and I have the first clock plate ready to share I, ll be adding it to the blog tomorrow! stay tuned.....
picture via internet (source unknown)

I also found a clock on Chez fifi a wonderful blog by phto sylist, editor, and author and one of my biggest insperations, in blogging , home decorating.. Lets just say she's fabulous here's a link to her blog the clock is about half way down the page,  I do know she got the clock from home goods but I doubt it's available as the clock Fifi purchased back in 07' so sad cause I'm so in love with this clock and have to have one or one very similar,  so I'll just keep hunting, but for know my clock plate will have to do, I'm making a bunch to put together on my dinning room wall, here's the first of many .
Here's the link to Fifi's blog chezfifi Enjoy, she is amazing you'll love her blog:))  Now for my clock plate......

Still working on the hands a little trickier than I thought but, I, 'll get there.  I made this plate with a sharpie marker, when it's done I'll put it in the oven for 30 mins @350 to make it permanent , while I was making this clock I made a few mistakes and learned you can use a majic eraser to fix it , works like a charm. So this is where i'm at with this project i have a bunch more clocks, and other cool sharpie projects to share later in the week, Have a fabulous canada day and 4th of july..... bye for now...

and here's the finished plate...... 


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  2. would love to follow your blog , finished my plate check it out.

  3. Awesome plate! It looks like a clock and I love how you put your name on it, too!
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    ~ Megin of VMG206
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  4. Great idea! Turned out cute! Thank you for sharing at Give Me The Goods!

    Dimples & Pig Tales

  5. So cute! another great thing about this plate is it would be awesome to use on New Years Eve to...good job!

  6. Haha, this is so me! Just that I would like some 'real time' too. Glass plates can be drilled, right?
    Great job on this one!

  7. That is so sweet! How clever! Thanks for sharing!