Sunday, 28 April 2013


Hi guys happy sunday, so this weeks DIY craft once again is with mason jars.We just love mason jars in our house one of the reasons being how useful and pretty these lovlies are . Also I'm the mother of three wonderful little people ,my eldest son MASON loves to collect the jars because they bear his name so these little beauties have a special place in our house, and we r always looking for cool new things to do with our jars. So this month we r having mason jar madness, every week we will do a different craft with our beloved mason jars,  This week-SEA GLASS MASON JARS
 Here's what you'll nee...............   Elmer, s school glue , food coloring,  mason jars , and a sponge paint brush.
Tip-the type of glue is very important as we have  attempted this project before n had trouble because most craft glue drys clear , this gives you a different look.For the frosty sea glass effect you need Elmer school glue.
For our jars our mixture was made up of glue, 3 drops of blue food coloring,
and 1 drop of green , mix it till it looks like this.(Above)

Once you have made you mixture simply paint it on your jar, one light even coat should do it. While drying your jars will look like this(Above).Just leave them overnite and you should have this... ( below)

So ther you have it these lovlies make beatiful vases or tealight holders . Have fun till next time ..
 Elle xoxo.

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