Monday, 13 May 2013


Hi again all you beautiful blogland friends, it's time for the next mason jar madness post.. this weekscraft was super easy and really fun and I think my fave so far . These lovelies are so simply stunning I can't wait to hang them up all over the back 40 (that's my wooded area beyond my backyard) I'm in the middle of transforming into a romantic family getaway.
Here's what you'll need Spay glue adhesive I used Elmer,  mason jars, lace or eyelet fabric, twine , spray paint (optional) and ribbon
 First cut your fabric to fit your jars then Spray your jars with glue, then place pre-cut fabric on the jar and wrap jar completely

Meanwhile spray paint the lids of your jar (optional my lids were gold and I wanted a vintage metal look) I used a hammered silver paint.
Then take your twine and wrap around yor jar untill you reach desired thickness use yor glue to secure.
(photo by kaIiey Janes age 4)

add ribbon for detail (if you want) replace your lids and display, you can use these as latterns , candle holders and vase's they are so pretty and super easy to make.

Have a fab week.... xoxo Elle

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