Sunday, 16 June 2013

June showers bring big beautiful flowers!

Hi guys, I know it's  been awhile but it's been really busy around here. My best friend had surgery so I've been pretty busy with her little guy, who she cant pick  up for 7 days, this has been super hard on her- but her trial has been  my pleasure. Gage is such a happy fun little guy and I''ve had a blast hanging out with him this past week . We have had a lot of rain this past week,  so a lot of indoor days, but the garden and flowers are looking pretty great.

These lovlies are looking pretty big and vibrant, with tons of blooms, they even make my homemade butt bucket look good:) I know it's a bad habit but at least I have somewhere pretty to put my smelly butts.
These pretty pink mini roses are sitting pretty, and looking fabulous on the front porch,  they sit in two matching pots I got at Canadian Tire a few years ago, they are defiantly among my favorite pots I'm always switching up the plants in these but I love the pink roses in them.

I planted this climbing rose bush last year, it had about 10 blooms on it, but this year it has doubled it's size and is about to expload with pretty red blooms I am axiosly waiting any day now:) So over her even thou we are getting alot more rain than usual I'm making the best of it and enjoying my happy garden .
 All and all the garden is looking pretty good, but is never really finished ,I'm always playing around with it. I planted some more poppy seeds, as well as definium, and also made these vintage tea cup bird feeders/ garden tealight holders
 Come by tomorrow for a step by step on how I made them .

And check out these cool garden markers I threw together this year to help keep track of my new seedlings (so I dont pull them thinking they're  weeds). Time to go for now, see you tomorrow..........hugs Elle

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