Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Lets take a walk....

Spring has finally sprung, in my little corner of the world. I have  been seeing beautiful photos of the season all over blogland for about 4 weeks now and have been so envious because here in Ontario, Canada we haven't really had spring till now ....... take a look at this, just 3 short weeks ago.

I know it's crazy .. so in light of the fact that we have finally caught up with the rest of you, I thought I would take you on a walk with me around my neighborhood. Lets  Start here at our little house, it sits across the way from this beautiful old church.

I love to sit on my porch at night and see all the stain glass windows lit up. The kids love to play a game of ball hockey in the parking lot. This past long weekend in Norwood- the little corner of the world I call home .the whole town has a yard sale.  I found this lovely chippy basket to hold my fresh picked lilacs, the first of the year.
I just love this basket, in all it's chippy glory...... off we go on the rest of our spring tour of my enchanted little town.
 starting with my own pretty white double Daffodils
 Mini pink Rose's Set a romantic mood on my patio table
 Purple lilacs abound, making the white ones extra special
Love Love Love these White bearded Iris' s

Pretty little blossoms welcome spring

one of my faves.. is the gerber daisy- available in so many colors, but this yellow is lovely
A pretty pond to stop and see little froggys basking in the warm sun
The ever beautiful and fragrent lily of the valley
What sping garden tour is complete without a peek at the popular and pretty lilac, casting it's welcome spell on the spring air.
 a little taste off the tropics, pretty pink hibiscus
 The sun peeking threw the infamous canadian maple.
 Another yardsale find this past weekend
 Not sure what this is called but it's so pretty, a bush full of mini little pink carnations it's really stunning this picture dose nothing for it
And last but not least another favorite of mine the pretty monds of phlox painting  the town in pink, purple, and blue. Hope you enjoyed our little journey today , have a beautiful day and enjoy all of natures little miracles, thanks for stoping  by xoxo Elle

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  1. such a pretty garden, and the church is gorgeous! i had a pink spring bush that looks like yours, it was called a flowering almond--the flowers were so pretty:)