Wednesday, 8 May 2013

My pretty little Lace look alike table makeover. ..

Hi guys so remember that really cute table I bidded on at the auction last tuseday well I got busy chicin it up  yesterday and I LOVE the way it turned out it's fabulous I think it  has a lace look to it . I dont know where I'm going to put it yet..... but I know I'll find the perfect  spot for it. So here is a little" before and after"  for you.

Is she pretty or what.....
I'm totally in love with this table, and the sweet magnolia tree in the backround-took this shot at my friend Susan Keeping's , sadly I dont have my own magnolia, but I may have to treat myself to one for mothers day..... Susan tells me they bloom every year in time for mothers day........a gift that keeps on giving gotta love that .         bye for now  xoxo Elle


  1. Love it painted white!! And it looks great in front of that gorgeous tree! :)

  2. Elle, yes it looks just like lace!! I love it! I bet that was not easy to paint with all of the crevasses. I have a magnolia tree and it is blooming, but.....Goodness, that is a ton of blooms!