Sunday, 5 May 2013


Hi  guys hope everyone's weekend was fabulous. So as I previously posted.....This month at the chic shack of Elle... We are having mason jar madness-and I''ll be posting a pretty mason jar craft weekly here's this weeks installment...
.Here's what you'll need to create these pretty shabby painted jars .    1) Mason jars
 2) paint.....I used craft  paint from the dollar store ,but anything you have on hand should be fine, I also played with the paint a bit to get the shades I wanted for my jars...
3) you'll ned a little bit of plaster of paris (availible at most craft or hardware stores).4) paint brush or sponge brush whatever you perfer to work with.5)A piece of sand paper 6)fabric ties

I know there is food coloring in the pic ( not needed it's s sitting there from another project)!
Now that you have your supplies.... mix up plaster of paris according to directions ( I made just enough for my project) not too much as it sets pretty quickly.
Then just add your paint color mix it up and paint on to jars, paint thin even layers letting dry completly between coats. Next take your piece of sandpaper and shabby it up a bit. Then add some fabric ties on the mouth of the jars...
In no time, you will have these beautiful shabby mason jar vases.. You could also turn one into a soap dispenser I'm working on one for next week.
                                                                                             Have a awesome monday xoxoxElle

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