Wednesday, 10 April 2013

DIY Bedroom mini makeover, in under 5 dollar's

Hi guys this post is all about the mini makeover I did on my room. I hadn't done anything with my bedroom since I moved in last may, so I thought it was time, but of course money was an issue so I had to be frugal.  I think I succeeded, as all I ended up spending was 5 dollars on some hooks for my curtain rods, which I made by the way out of branches from my back 40, that's what I call the woods beyond my backyard. Here are some before and after pics of my room.As you will see it was very plan but functional beforehand, all I did to spruce it up was hang my curtains using branches that I spray paited white, I also hung curtains in front of my closet also with a branch thou I left this one natural as I liked the look better with the sheer panel's. I then added a headboard to my bed using two broken byfold doors , I hung a pretty garland that I made from a vintage book, lace,  burlap and eyelet scraps I had lying aroud., a new side table was added, which I also had around. I moved my antique dresser, added a chair, a vignette or two, hung a picture and viola mini makeover in under 5 dollars.

Of course my bedroom is far from complete, but it's a little more cozy for now so I'm happy.  xoxo Elle

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