Tuesday, 2 April 2013

my chic shack in the making....dining room. pt.1

About a year ago we moved into a 3 bedroom duplex , here's some shots of the dinning room, it's far from compleated but I'll share  anywaY

is the I hutch i repurposed it was a ugly brown wood, I painted it white and added some stain for a aged look and put wallpaper in the back, I love how it turned out.

 this is another hutch i bought it came from my friend Debs shop ,Feildstone Flowers and Antiques i liked  it the way it was so i did, nt touch it, origally it was going to go at the foot of my bed, but the stairwell in the new house is so narrow i, m currently using it as a sideboard  in the dining room.

I picked up this mirror at a yardsale for 10 bucks, I painted it white then stained it to match the hutch, it sits above the sideboard

This is the carpet in the dining room it, s just from wallmart of all places but i love the flowers, also in the pic are my dogs n cat. Emma, zoe n marty ...so cute .

This is just a close up of the finish on the hutch

This is a rocker i picked up for 20 bucks ,it's truly an old ricety rocker but i love it, above is an old window i added some pages of a favorite book  

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