Sunday, 21 April 2013

sweetpeas snapshots

Hi guy's hope everyone has had a good weekend , mine was very unproductive as I've been really sick with pheumonia, so I've been laying low.Today's post is pretty random, just some snapshots from my tablet, the above photo is of some old candlesticks I redid in white ,they were a ugly brown before with gold balls I think they look alot better this way, and they were like 2 bucks for the three of them.
Here are some mason jars I tried to give a seaglass finish to, they looked great as u can see, but they dried a clear blue which ended up being pretty cool too, but not the desired effect if anyone out there has a good seaglass tutorial for me leave it in the comments, I would be so greatfull.
This petty window hangs above my sink in the kitchen I cant take credit for this one I bought it off a friend at work her mother makes them although I am working on a few windows of my own that I will post about later.
Love these cool cat wine bottles these one's belong to GIGI she is my mama bear,one of my dearest friends and is like a mother to me as I'm not really close with my own mother she is definatley the next best thing anyway,she made a really cool light out of one of these cats, I'll dig out a pic and post about it soon. I have a few of my own I use them as vase's and jewelry holders.
Life is pretty good these days, loving life and blogging about it. I have so many ideas swimming around my head right now and lots coming up to share with u, I'm definatley a novice when it comes to blogging and all, but I hope to learn,  and grow, threw my blog- and yours, and hope to make new friends and share all my dreams and achievements along the way.I'm still hoping to open my own shop and I'm really falling in love with styling and photos.
As soon as the weather improves I hope to really start to dust off some of those ambitions and projects just look at the crazy weather we are getting this is my backyard last week!

Love this picture Deb from Fieldstone Flowers and Antiques gave me last week, I truly believe that life is a journey ,and to always stop to enjoy the small thing like ,smelling the roses, the love of a family, and just creating something special .
My next big projct is the "back 40"as I call the woodsy area beyond my yard Iwant to create a magical space with a rustic yet feminine look, lots of lace, tulle and chandeliers, laterns stuff like that. I'm very excited to do this project as my kids love to hang out back there so i cant wait to make it a really cool  family-friendly area comleate with a little cottage/fort for the kids and a cozy romantic area for mom amd dad to sit and just be with our kids.
The sea glass that ended up being these pretty jars I use for candles and flowers I've made a bunch more for the backyard and in pink also.
This is a picture of Emma our puppy I am lovin it I dont know why I just love the way it's all blurry it was'nt meant to be like this but I think i'll frame it and put it up somewhere in the house.
Anyway this post is all over the place so I'm going to close with a few shots from a cool shop I was in the other day in Keen ON that I will post about in the next shop of the week post it's not quite ready though so here's your little preview.
a cool nest the shop owner found by the front door

love this vase I have to have one, it would look really pretty with gerber daisys

I  also really want this vintage book collecton I was in a super rush when I stopped to take these photos but I'm definatley going back for these
                                                                                                          xoxoxo Elle...

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