Sunday, 28 April 2013

In other news....

So lots going on at my chic little shack this week .I have lots of little projects I'm working on like this stool I recovered with this pretty chenille fabric in ivory, Love how it turned out, you really notice the intricate details of the iron.
My next project is this little chair for kailey's room .I'm going to use that pretty  crown fabric I got last week. I'm not sure if I'll do the frame in white or a hammered silver. I'll have to play with it a little see what strikes my fancy.

Also coming.......This weeks installment of Mason jar madness- here's your little sneak peek.

Big project at Gigi's place this week ,new wallpaper and a faux stone wall,

 speaking off Gigi's redo, we could use your help! I think she should paint this brick by the fireplace white and add white  beadboard to the top then frame it all in with a nice trim . GG'S   not sure, post your comments below and help us deside- or if you have another idea for this corner, we're open for suggestions....

Now the sad news my beloved kittie " Marty" is missing. We are all devastated, I think the worst part is not knowing whats happened to him, he's been gone since tuesdsy. Marty  is the best cat. We've had him for 7 years and he makes everyones life a little brighter, it's really sad around here without him. He's one of those cats who thinks he's a dog, and I'm pretty sure he was one in another life. Miss you Marty xoxoxo.

Till next time, stay chic......... xoxo Elle

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