Thursday, 25 April 2013

Out and About .

Hi guys hope everyone is having a good week mine has been great lots of new goodies to share with you. I'm always on the prowl for a great deal , that beening said while out on my junk finding mission with Gigi this week, I came across this beautiful footstool. I just love the design and copper like finish , it's cast iron and really heavy. This beauty rang in at only 10 dollars all it needs is a new piece of fabric for the top. Gigi, s hubby gave me this little cupboard he made a few years back I just love  it, once I  give it an old antique finish it will be perfect. (not sure what I, ll use it for yet) ,but not to worrie i'll find a home for it. And  today I rushed out to get my copy of the new magazine by the fabulous Fifi O'Neill, French country style it's the premiere issue and it's wonderful ,so go grab you copy, and if you dont know Fifi O 'Neill  check out her  blog chez fifi she is the queen of French country chic, prairie chic, shabby chic she is  such a insperation .  ....I also stoped by my local fabric land and picked up some beautiful fabric for the stool a nice white chenille they were having a sale 50% off so I couldn't resist grabbing this beautiful crown fabric n some ivory coloured burlap. I also gotbthis beautiful Eiffel tower at Wal-Mart today al and all it was a great day/week. I'll post again soon xoxo Elle 
p.s this is the first time I've used my blogger mobile app so hopefully all the pics are in order  if notbso sorry I was having some trouble with it will be perfect next time (i hope) lol.....

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